Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Problem: Shrub

This is an unknown shrub, growing in front of a utility box to hide it. It kinda looks like a ninebark, but our other ninebark does not have thorns. Is it one, you decide?

A note from Thorny Guy:
Also, at the end of July this shrub had large dark purple berries on it. I'd guess they were about the size of a small marble. Maybe this will help.


Jan said...

I'm wondering if it is a gooseberry bush. Do the berries have little spindles like things on them? If so it could be a gooseberry bush.

Thorny Guy said...

I don't remember exactly. Looking at pictures of gooseberry plants on the web the berries were about the same size. The leaves look the same shape. Next year we'll need a volunteer to eat one and see.

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