Bleeding Heart Garden

This garden was here when we moved in. The previous owners added a ring of stones and dirt to cover up the river birches roots that were protruding from the ground. We removed a lot of weeds and brush that had overgrown in the area. There was a fern bleeding heart and an old fashion bleeding heart. Both of them really like the area and have been split successfully there.
We transplanted some hostas and split a little hosta ground cover that was there. The bunnies and deer tend to munch on these from time to time. There was also a large clump of siberian irises that was split and spread throughout the circle. We have tried to plant spring bulbs here, but they do not bloom and/or rot.

List of current plants
* White edge hosta
* Hosta from mom's friend
* Thin leave ground cover hosta
* Siberian Iris
* Pink old fashion bleeding heart
* Fern leaf bleeding heart
* Grape Hyacinths

* Mulched with maple chips June 2010
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