Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Chicken's Schedule

The chickens have become familiar with the daily routine. In the morning, I give them cut clover which they seem to enjoy. Here they scratch through it looking for bugs and leaves.

They stay in their chicken run while we are at work doing who knows what. We really need a chicken cam.

They are always excited to spot us coming down the hill to let them out and "have the run of the place". After they fly out the door, they like to check out the edge of the woods for bugs. They then work their way to the orchard to see if any plums have fallen from the tree. After that they roam around or bug Thorny Guy if he is working on their coop.

The weekends sometimes throw them off schedule when we let them out all day. Since there is always the danger of a hawk or cat near by, we usually only do this when we are working in the area.

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