Thursday, July 10, 2008

Windows & Doors

The coop construction has gone more quickly as of late. Last week Lady Bug and I saw another free window on CL, not knowing that it was absolutely huge. The place was close by and the window was insulated so we went to check it out. It doesn't look gigantic from these pictures but it measures 33" by 68" and weighed well over 100 lbs!
It was a bear to get it to fit into the hole I cutout. Let alone get it to be square, but now it is caulked in and ready for some chickens to look out of it.
The door we also got for free off CL. Luckily the door was much easier to get in than the window and was square the first time we put it in. All I have to do is to plug the deadbolt hole and it is ready to go.
There is still a lot of work ahead, including putting in vents, the door to the chicken run, wiring, insulation, walls, and finally nest boxes. We have a month until eggs start coming...we better get working!


Lady Bug said...

Wouldn't the window look fabulous with some holly hocks in front of it? I still have lots of seed saved. I think that is what I am going to plant there. That way the chickens can look out there window and see flowers. Although the deer did munch on our other hollyhocks in the spring. I need to think about it.

Thorny Guy said...

I was actually thinking of building a window box for below that window. Hollyhocks would work too.

Jan said...

Looks good! The chickens will love all of the sunlight that will come in through the window. Hollyhocks sound like a plan - would look good there.

DENNIS said...

Looks like it could be turned into an Inn Law shack with the chickens out.

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