Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Peas Please

Last night was our first major harvest of peas. I saved all the tops as a tasty treat for the chickens. However, when I went to feed them they were the least interested in pea tops. Have I spoiled them so much that they won't eat kitchen scraps? We were also told that chickens LOVE water melon rinds, but ours would not touch them.

Back to the peas - the bottom picture is what was left after eating them while picking and making steamed peas as a side dish for supper. An extremely good haul.

This variety was the Snow Pea Dwarf White Sugar (Pisum sativum Dwarf White Sugar). It is a dwarf plant which reaches 30 inches, so to stake it I simply used sticks stuck into the ground. I planted two rows about two feet part with the sticks forming a tent like /\. No need to buy fence for these peas. It has worked well so far, although weeding in between the row is rather difficult.

It says it takes these peas 50 days to mature. Looking back on the blog, I did not record when I planted these, hopefully it is in the book at home. There is a post on June 12, recording that they had all germinated. In any case, 50 days seems about right.

The other variety Pea Super Sugar Snap(Pisum sativum Super Sugar Snap) takes 64 to mature, so that means about two more weeks. Next year I really need to get these in the ground earlier.

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