Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Problem

It is time for another Friday Problem. So far we are 2 for 4 on identifying mystery plants in my garden. This week there are two plants, both which have small white flowers. I suspect one is actually a weed that I need to pull. The other one maybe a mini carnation? Not sure.

Flower 1 - This is growing in a border bed along the deck. It gets morning sun and afternoon shade. It has small pompom like flowers. The plant is about two feet tall. Is it some kind of carnation?

Flower Weed 2 - I am pretty sure this is a weed but I guess it could be a wild flower. I need to find out before it sets seed if it turns out to be a weed and I need to pull it. This plant is growing throughout the North Garden and even down by the vegetable garden. It is about 2-3 feet tall. It gets full sun at the moment. It has small white flowers (smaller than flower 1). Is it a weed?

Both of these plants were "attacked" by some sort of bug/disease. On the stem there was a foam that appeared. Later the leaves turned brown above the foam. Extra Credit if you can figure out the bug. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of this.


Jan said...

Could the white flowers be some type of miniature mum -cushion mum? The flower reminds me of a chrysanthemum.

Jan said...

The foamy stuff on the plants is "Spittle Bugs". Remedy is to clip off stem and put in bucket of soapy water or throw on the ground and step on it. Also can spray off with hose but must get it all off of the plant. Info per Bachman's.

Lady Bug said...

Wow spittle bugs are really gross, "its body secretes a goo and air out of its anus." But that is definitely the bug we have. Extra point for Jan. I should add a score board for Friday problems.

RfR said...

hey kim, the last one is Rock Cress with spit bugs :D I'd call it a weed, but its up to you.

Lady Bug said...

Thony Guy thinks this is Hoary Alyssum, Berteroa incana (L.) DC. not Rock Cress. Either way it is a weed and is eventually being ripped out.

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