Friday, June 13, 2008

The Friday Problem

In the spirit of Wordless Wednesdays, which many of the garden blogs observe, I am proposing "The Friday Problem". Perhaps it should really be called the Friday Mystery, but the previous has more meaning to me.

At my old job, a colleague use to propose a math problem on Fridays which was fun and "easy" to solve. It was a good distraction from earlier work of that week.

So every Friday I am going to try and put a unidentified plant on this blog. This should, in theory, last quite awhile as we have many plants from the previous owner that we have no clue as to what they are.

So here is the first Friday Problem:

We have two of these vines growing under the deck on trellises. They were definitely put there on purpose by the former owner. She even had clothes pins holding the vine in place to train it. They get dappled sun there. I would say that they are a slow growing vine. It is currently about 4 feet up the trellis. The stems are thick and the "bark" peels like seen in the picture. (click to enlarge) One has just started to get little flowers which are white. Anyone have a clue?


Lady Bug said...

I think I found it!
HYDRANGEA anomala PETIOLARIS-Vine Groundcover or climbing vine to 80' or more - Plant 5' apart. zone 4-8 Climbing Hydrangea This choice vine will cling to any surface with its aerial rootlets. Its deep green vigorous growth produces a one-dimensional white 6-8" blossom in late June. Best grown in some shade; also useful as a ground cover HYPEP

General Information
Slow to establish, this woody climber will grace an arbor, climb a wall, hide a stump or blanket a slope. Introduced in 1865.

Jan said...

Yup, I believe that's it. What a cute idea of "Friday Problems."

Amanda said...

Darn it Lady Bug, I was just going to tell you all of that info off of the top of my head :)

BTW, zip lining in Canada was awesome!

Barbee' said...

Me again. If that is climbing hydrangea, do keep up with it and train it to go the way you want it. I have one and it covers the whole end of our house. I love it, it is beautiful, but it is large. I found a photo of a lovely one climbing a tree. It is worth taking a look. When you get to the page, scroll way down until you see a rather dark photo. Check wording to be sure that is it. Click on the photo to enlarge. Isn't that magnificent! I wish I knew how old that plant is, and if it is just one plant. CLICK HERE

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