Friday, May 16, 2008

Pretty in Pink

I love that many garden tools now come in PINK. I have a pink garden tool set, which is a little dirty, but still pink. My pink gloves which if I ever find them again I will buy more as you can never have too many gloves especially pink ones.

I found my pink wand this year and love it. It has several different settings including a misting and shower. My garden crocks I picked up in Canada. They are so comfy, I wish I could wear them to work.

But the best thing about having pink tools is that Thorny Guy will not use them! Although he is curious about my new wand. He has a tendency to break tools, so anything pink means off limits. That's right Thorny Guy stay away from the wand.


Thorny Guy said...

Bah pink.

DENNIS said...

Bubba knows all about the tools,he was taught to put them back where they belong. Alas I still found them in the grass. Or did I leave them there?

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