Thursday, May 15, 2008

Peep Peep

We are proud to announce several additions to the family! Lady Bug is now the mother hen of two dozen chicks. One buff orpington did not make it through the trip. So far the others seem alright.

Chicks chicks everywhere! If you wonder if they are as cute and cuddly as they appear...the answer is yes!

When you first get them you have to assist them in drinking water, so you pick them up and place their little beaks into the water until they drink. We found some of them to be pecking their sisters toes, let's hope they play nicely from now on.

One of the surprising things we found out is that they are much louder than we thought they would be. Watch the videos to find out for yourself.

When this video was shot they were starting to become tired. Too much excitement for one day. They are funny when they fall asleep standing or fall over exhausted. After awhile (or if they get bumped) they wake back up and start peeping.

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