Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The apple trees are finally flowering. This is the first one so far. When I went out this morning there were zero bees which worries me that they may not get pollinated. I say we should plant as many flowers as possible to lure the bees over!

We planted two new honeycrisp trees in the orchard last week. These trees are specially bred to withstand Minnesota's cold winters and the apples happen to be delicious. There is also a pear tree and some kind of cherry. I can't wait for some fruit.


Christina said...

I LOVE honey crisp apples! They're the perfect sweet & tart blend. Save some for me in the fall so that I can make apple crisp!

Lady Bug said...

You will have to wait for three years! For the first three years you are suppose to pinch off the blossoms so that all the trees energy goes into the roots.

Sorry Christina :( But you can have plenty of other kinds till then.

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