Friday, May 16, 2008

Chick Pic Update

The chicks made it through the night and they seem bigger. They are also more sure on their feet.
The chicks are hungry!

As you can see they made a mess! After these pics, I removed all the paper towel and put down wood chips.

The excitement has worn off and they are sleeping more and peeping less.

This chick has an itch!

This little guy fell asleep at the feeder.

One little guy has a pasty bottom so I had him sit in warm water to remove it. Hopefully he will be alright.

The Buff orphingtons pose for a shot.
Silver Laced Wyandotte are a little camera shy.

I can not tell the black austrolorp from the barred rock other wise they would pose too. There should be 10 barred rock and 5 austrolorp, but I can not find five that look different. That and they move around a lot.


Christina said...

Your chickens are adorable, and remind me of my old pet chicken Andy! Can't wait to see the "grown up" versions too!

Greg said...

I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday and thought of your chickens... MMM

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