Saturday, February 06, 2010

Winter Sowing Take 2

Last year, I tried Winter Sowing for the first time, my results were spotty to say the least. I think I have identified several reasons for this and am trying winter sowing again this year.

Here are the things I am changing:
1) Quality of soil - last year I bought the cheapest soil, which ended up having tons of weed seeds I could not tell the real plants from the weeds.
2) Amount of soil - last year I only put 1-2 inches in each container, this year the recommended 3-4
3) Labeling - the permanent marker wore off during the winter
4) Water - This year bottom water
5) Chickens! - After planting my hunk of seedling the chickens decided to rip them up. Bummer! Better protection this year.

Let's hope for some better results this year.

Sown thus far...
1) three jugs of McKana Columbine
2) Rudbeckia - Red with Maroon center *
3) Tennessee Coneflower *
4) Soapwort *
5) Hollyhock - Creme de cassi *
6) Hollyhock - Indian Spring
7) Sweet William Tall Double Mixed Colors
8) Columbine Blue Star
9) Festuca Glauca Blue
10) Poppy Double Oase
11) Oriental Poppy Mix Papaver bracteatum
12) Balsam Camellia Spotted
13) Forget-Me-Not
14) Wildflower Blend *
15) Penstemon
16) Torenia Baillonii

* Seeds from

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