Thursday, July 31, 2008

Almost a Friday Problem

This was almost a Friday problem from my mom's garden. On Sunday, I was taking cuttings from her garden and came across this plant. I asked her what it was and she did not know so we were going to let it be a Friday Problem.

I secretly (well not anymore) thought it could have been a blackberry lily that I wanted her to buy at the Hennepin Tech Plant Sale with us two years ago. It must have not flowered last year and mom forgot about it. I do remember planting it about four feet from where it is now. Did it move? There also should be a tag somewhere around it, but anyways, it turns out it is just that, a blackberry lily.

Mom's gardens are mostly border gardens. She has a good variety of plants. They are well established, which means they are good for cutting and dividing! :) In other words a good source of plants for me! It is a good thing she does not mind sharing.


Thorny Guy said...

That webpage says you can divide the rootball. Is that one ready to be divided?

Jan said...

I really like this lily. It's so pretty the way the flower is swirled when not opened. There are 3 other small lily plants around this one that haven't bloomed yet. Makes me wonder if they don't bloom the first year. I don't find the tag near it. Yes, you guys can divide it or take a couple of the little ones.

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