Thursday, June 19, 2008

Evaluation of the Hosta Garden

I need a plan on what to do with this shade garden. This is the view as you approach the garden from the house. The tree is a mature river birch, which some website say can live for 30-50+ years. The previous owner had a mod podge of hosta, bleeding hearts, one clump of siberian irises, and two mystery shrubs. My mom divided the irises and placed them sporadically around the circle and I added more hostas (see Hostas Everywhere). Thorny Guy also put daffodils and tulips in here last winter, but they were planted to deep and did not flower.

I am looking for a design, theme, or something. I do really like the bleeding hearts and they seem to like it. Perhaps I can split/propagate more of them for the other side. The two big shrubs, which are probably weeds are on probation until they flower and I can figure out what they are. Any suggestions on what plants to add, or design tip would be appreciated.

Here are the different views as you travel around the garden and close up of the plants.

1 comment:

Thorny Guy said...

It should be filled in with concrete and I can park tractors there :)

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