Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Corner Coop

The CORNER COOP is under construction and not a minute too soon. The chicks have now started to fly up to they rim of the box and perch there. Tomorrow the chicks will be a month old and as a present they get a new home.

Today they moved into the outside portion of the coop. Here a buff investigates his new surroundings. I put an old ladder for them to perch on in the coop since they are fond of perching, especially Curious George. Thorny Guy also added plywood sides to keep the wind out. They seemed to take to their new home and started finding interesting things to peck at, including a slug.

1 comment:

Jan said...

Great job on the good looking coop -Thorny Guy! The chicks sure have grown and look happy in there new "dig."

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