Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting steamy in there...

I sent for some seed from Trudi's WinterSown Organization. I am excited to try the Button Box Zinnia Mix, Rocket Larkspur, and Blue Flax. Meanwhile the greenhouse is getting steamy with the beautiful weather we are having. I skip the lid step in winter sowing and just put them all in the mini greenhouse. I have found this setup to be easier to monitor and maintain than dealing with taping, closing, and opening lids. This is my third year wintersowing and I love the results. I also enjoy being able to plant seeds in the middle of winter. I am getting better at collecting seeds in the fall too, so the process will just get better.
Happy sowing!
Get Busy Gardening (also from MN) is hosting a free seed giveaway for wintersowing, be sure to check out her blog and enter!


Amy - Get Busy Gardening said...

Hi Lady Bug,
Wow, I like your method for winter sowing. I have the same mini greenhouse. I see how this saves you time opening and closing the lids, but what about watering? Do you find that they get dried out faster in the greenhouse?


Lady Bug said...

Hey Amy -
I just spray the whole thing with the hose setting on mist. The whole thing gets humid and hot... I had to open it up on Wednesday to let it cool off a bit.

The first year I did the lid method and did not have very good success because the containers were too moist... not enough holes in the bottom so the seed rotted. I think I also needed another inch of soil. Although I do agree that bottom watering the jugs works well too. I like your containers though... no tape!

This set up worked well last year. I will tell you how it works again. I also have a new cold frame that will be filling up soon.

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