Saturday, February 05, 2011

Deer Damage

This year has been particularly bad for deer damage. All the snow in Twin Cities area has driven the deer to eat pretty much anything and everything that is green and isn't covered by snow.

Deer eating the buds off apple and pear trees have happened before, but this year they attacked all our shrubs and bushes! Notice all the green is eaten off at deer-height and below.

This used to be a solid hedge of yews, now it's a row of sheared sticks. Notice the deer fence over what is left of them, maybe there is enough shrub left under the snow for them to come back next year.

These were also two yews with a barberry in the middle. As you can see coming near the house isn't a problem for hungry deer. These weren't damaged as badly as the others but the fence was put up much earlier.

Last spring Lady Bug let me get several new fruit trees (pears, plums, & peaches) and luckily those are protected with deer fencing already. If not those would already be gone, eaten to stumps. The deer are winning the battle but we plan on winning the war!

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