Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Woodland Path done

The woodland path is done. I have also added all of my wintersown columbine, ferns, jacob ladder, and some bugle weed. Now it just needs to grow and fill in before the weeds do.

Nest to tackle is the space between the woodland path and the pond. Thorny Guy cleared some bucktorn and some black cherry trees. Now I have to remove the other weeds and figure out what to do here. We like that it is more open so that you can see the chicken garden and orchard from the house.

1 comment:

Northern Shade said...

I love your path through the woodland area. The mulch and rock border suit the site well. The stone bench looks like the perfect spot to view the garden area. Wintersowing was a great way to get lots of little plants to fill the understory.

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