Monday, May 17, 2010

Chicken Garden

Before and after Chicken Garden

The chicken garden (named because it is across from the Corner Coop) has come a long way since last year. It still has a lot of filling in to do, but all the bones of the garden are there.
This garden was just a long thin stretch of over grown garden. It is still there, the current plan is to rip it up and sort through the plants in the fall. We added a walkway and a bench. I found a cheap arbor that is the perfect width. I started some morning glories and moon flowers that I hope will fill it in nicely.

The first idea was to turn it into a herb garden, but it is too far away form the house and the chickens continue to rip up. So now I am thinking more of prairie flowers with the formal hedge and arbor to keep everything. So far there is the boxwood edge, stella-de-ora day lilies, black eye susans, coneflowers, bee balm, daffodils, irises, two alberta spruce, and two spirea.

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