Friday, April 30, 2010

Hilltop Garden 2010

This is a spring photo from last year. I have some more bulbs and more plants in front since then. The river of daffodil bulbs have also filled in nicely as you can see in the next two pictures from 2010.

For next year, I think I want to work in moving the white bulbs. They just seem to detract from all the color. I have another bed under the deck that is mostly an all white garden which they might find to be their new home. I also need to fill in a tulip circle with more bulbs. The deer ate the foliage in early 2009 and they did not recover in 2010. What other changes would you suggest?


Thorny Guy said...

I think you need more bowling balls

lifeshighway said...

Thorny Guy, I am with you. You can never have too many bowling balls.

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