Saturday, August 29, 2009

Iris Plant Sale

Thorny Guy and I hit the Carver County Master Gardener Fall plant sale and picked up a bag of irises. We were hoping for different colors than we have now, but had to go just off the descriptions as they did not have pictures. This is what we ended up with. My favorite after finding pics on the internet is 'Lightening Streak'. Now to figure out where to put them all!

Intermediate Bearded (IB)
Pink Kitten Wood 1976
18-24" Blue shade of pink, lined deeper on falls. Tangerine beards.

Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB)
Dark Vader Miller 1985
6-12" Blue-Violet Dark Purple/Black Bloom Time: Midseason (M)
Copenhagen ?

Modern Tall Bearded (MTB)
Wistful Wisteria Wolf 1998 16"
S.and style wistari violet;F.wistaria violet ;
Puppy Love Hager 1980 19” EM pink self, pale tangerine beard

Tall Bearded Iris (TB)
Mass Bay ?
Raspberry Silk Spoon 2000 24-36" White with pink and peach
Lady Jan Laue 2001 24-36" White with Violet Lavender
Lighting Streak Gibson 1993 24-36" Early midseason Orange Gold Brown/Bronze
Rainbow Candy Spoon 2000 24-36" Late Midseason White pink top purple bottom
Lilting Byers 1990 24-36" Violet/Lavender White/Near White Reblooming
Lemon Mist 24-36" Rudolph 1972 Pale Yellow Late Midseason
Sweeter Than Wine Schreiner 1988 24-36" White top purple bottom
Latin Lover Shoop 1969 36" light lavender-pink; grape wine with light lavender-pink rim
Sky Hooks Osborne 1979 36-48" Yellow with blue veining
Brook Flower Schreiner 1972 36-48" White with blue edge
Thinking Out Loud 36-48" Ernst 1994 Extra Early Fuchsia (Red-Purple) Pale Yellow
Steam Heat Tompkins 1989 36-48" Midseason Pale Pink Rose/Mauve White/Near White
Lacy Snowflake 36-48" HUGE blooming, ruffled snow white self tipped yellow.

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