Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Astilbe in bloom

In the hilltop garden, all the astilbe are in bloom. We have a mixture of white, pink and red. Most of these are three years old, but we just bought two new varities, white sensation astilbe and color flash astilbe.

A new cultivar of Astilbe simplicifolia hybrid named ‘White Sensation’ that is characterized by its pure white flowers borne on upright to cascading panicles over very dark green foliage and combined with a compact plant habit.

Color Flash astilbe produces spears of pale pink that extend 8" above the foliage, leaves that start out brilliant green and then change to purple-burgundy as the season progresses, providing an excellent frame for the bloom plumes.

1 comment:

I'll Pour a Note from Custer Cottage said...

I love the pink astilbe. They look like big pink feathers!

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