Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tulip (Greigii) Calypso

Here is the other Greigii Tulip Hybrid in the garden. It is more of a pink flower than the red Ali Baba. The foliage is has less of a blue hue.

Tulip greigii Calypso is a very pretty dwarf tulip for borders or planters, it blooms with large orange red flowers tinged with apricot edges and the foliage is very decorative with a pattern of purple stripes. Greigii Tulips are ideal for rock gardens and containers because of their short size, and as an added attraction the have highly decorative green foliage with maroon colored stripes or spots. Their flowers open wide in full sun. They are perfect for naturalizing if you leave them alone, they will multiply and come back year after year. Most varieties flowers from April to May.

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