Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deck garden Update

We finished leveling out the deck garden. I dug up all the plants that were here except for the lavender and transplanted them back to the proper level.

A few pavers found in the woods made great stepping stones. We also added a birdbath that was being stored in a barn.
The current plants here are HYDRANGEA anomala PETIOLARIS growing on the trellis on both sides, a couple ferns in the back, varigated hosta, purple palace coral bells and two primroses. In the sunny front part there are daffodils, white candytuff, mums which made it through the winter, and lavender.
Now I just need to make a list of more plants to get add the plant sales to add to this area. I am thinking coral bells, bleeding hearts, hostas. Any other suggestions for the shaded back area?

1 comment:

Jan said...

How about turtlehead, spiderwort, or astilbe.

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