Monday, March 09, 2009


This weekend, we started planting seeds indoors. Looking back on our records, this was the exact same day we started planting them last year. Here is a tray ready for planting.
The soiless mix is coir, perlite, and sand. This year we used less sand as it was too heavy. Coir is a great replacement for peat as it is made up of coconut hull fibers instead of being taken from peat bogs. The mix worked great last year, here is hoping for more happy seedlings.

Round one consisted of planting eggplant, impatiens, begonias, vinca, viola, yellow vine bleeding heart, primrose, and petunias.

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Thorny Guy said...

Thorny Guy also made a Do-It-Yourself seed heating mat to keep our seeds toasty. Maybe this can be featured on the blog soon.

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