Monday, September 08, 2008

West Side Garden

After a year of observing what was in the garden, it is now time to rip them up redesign them. The first plant to go was yarrow. Believe it or not but all the bare spots of this garden was previously filled with yarrow. This was mostly the white stuff, which I found ugly.

There is more red/orange yarrow in other gardens which I am giving to a coworker and who ever else wants it. My coworker is ripping up her stella de ora daylilies and trading them for my yarrow, now that is a great trade.

I still have to tackle the mess in the corner, and move irises and ditch day lilies, but it is a start. The bed is going to be filled with yellow tulips and daffodils and probably some of the cone flowers we started from seed. I am not sure what to do with all the babies breath, leave it or move it. The garden plan needs some more thought.

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Northern Shade said...

The previous owners of my house had let a particularly weedy type of yarrow loose in my back garden bed. It had spread quite a bit, and was all over the lawn. I ripped it all out 6 years ago, but it still pops up now and then in the garden bed. However, the worst is in the lawn. I can mow it every week for the whole summer, but it still doesn't kill it. Perhaps the current garden cultivars are less invasive, but this has turned me off yarrow completely.
Your gardens along the brick walls are looking very good. The brick is a nice colour.

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