Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A review: Zinnia Lilliput

This is the second type of zinnia a bought, a little less impressive than the Zinnia Elegans. The soft pallet of pinks provides interesting variations and burst of colors. They did not fill out as much as I had hoped, but still not bad for a late planting. The butterflies love these and they are also good for cutting. Some produced the cutest pom-pom like flowers.

Here is the packet description:
The Lilliput Mixed Colors Zinnia is one of North America's most popular flower to grow from seed. This excellent variety produces loads of spectacular double and semi-double 1 1/2-2" blooms on bushy compact plants from early summer until frost. Use in mass plantings and mixed beds. 5-10 days to sprout.

LadyBug gives Zinnia Lilliput

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