Thursday, September 18, 2008

Garlic Ordered

Today I ordered some garlic bulbs from Alpha Garlic Farm. As Lady Bug knows, I've been looking for quite some time. It's quite difficult to find the bulbs that you plant. We went to many local garden centers and farm supply stores and no one carried them. Next we turned to the internet. Doing a search you can find quite a few websites that sell garlic but many were already sold out for the season. Many many others were very expensive. Some places were charging $11 for 1/2 lb of garlic, plus shipping on top of that!

I stumbled across this garlic farm and had to email the owner for prices, but it was well worth the extra time. He was much cheaper than anywhere else I found. We have the additional requirement that the garlic comes from somewhere with close to the same growing zone. The farm is in zone 5 which should be close enough to our zone 4 weather. I'm excited to get the garlic. Vampires beware!

1 comment:

DENNIS said...

Hey Garlic wine and Garlic jam. Remenber Gilroy, California?

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