Monday, August 04, 2008

Holly Hocks

I planted a dozen holly hocks in the fall and they are now full of blooms. One is a deep burgundy and another a peach, other than that they are all white. I thought that all holly hocks were ruffled like this until my dad said that the ones he remembers growing up with had only one layer for the flower.
I saved seed last year which I need to plant. It would be good to get plants into the ground in the fall in hopes that they would flower next year. I should also sprinkle some seed there also. My hope is that this section of the garden would establish a drift of holly hocks and self seed itself every year. Here's to hoping.


Barbee' said...

I have always been partial to the old fashioned single ones like your father remembers, but your double ones are beautiful. Did you have to stake them?

Lady Bug said...

Nope, no staking required. I obtained some seeds of the single ones, next year I hope to plant those.

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