Thursday, August 28, 2008

Canning Part 3: Pears

I finished canning the rest of the pears. Previously, I had canned 13 pint jars with a medium syrup. Thorny Guy is an excellent pealer and corer, aren't you Thorny Guy?

To reach the rest of the pears, I had to use our apple picker on a pole. I missed several which came crashing down, bruising when it hit the ground. The pears at the top of the tree are the biggest and best for canning like this. I did another 4 quarts, this time with a light syrup and honey, because I ran out of sugar.

Here is the chart Thorny Guy found on the internet for different types of syrup.
Per PintPer Quart
very light3/4 cup1/8 cup1 1/2 cup1/4 cup
light3/4 cup3/16 cup1 1/2 cup3/8 cup
medium3/4 cup1/4 cup1 1/2 cup1/2 cup
heavy3/4 cup5/16 cup1 1/2 cup5/8 cup


Thorny Guy said...

I'm also excellent at eating them!

Jan said...

Look 'pear'ific! Brings back memories when I used to can a lot of these. Yummy!

hap said...

I'm going to make my first attempt at canning this year if I can get anything worthwhile to grow. You have a lot of good info on here to use.

Do you know how long the canned pears are good for?

DP Nguyen said...

I've never canned fruit before, but it does seem like a good adventure. This year was the first year for canning anything- i made plum jam, and it was so delicious.

DENNIS said...

Save a jar for me and mom

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