Monday, July 07, 2008


The garden continues to produce lettuce, in fact a little too much. Next year we will not plant as much. We have already given a huge bag to my parents and this weekend a bag to Thorny Guys sister. Here is a lunch time salad I had after a long day of weeding the garden. There are also sugar snap peas in there. Yum.

The garden is really coming along, better than expected since we have not had rain in three weeks! The tomatoes have their first flowers. We harvested snow and sugar snap peas over the weekend. The peppers have flowers and one has a hot pepper the size of your pinkie finger. The squash also has flowers. Over all it is looking good, if you ignore the weeds.

1 comment:

Thorny Guy said...

I see the lunch time salad has chicken on it. Mmmm, was George tasty? ;)

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