Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bunny Tails

This year I planted "bunny tail" grass from seed. The now have silky seed heads which are soft to the touch. They are doing wonderfully in the containers, although I did underestimate their final height and they are slightly hidden. Oh well, I have more seeds for next year. I am also going to try and save some seeds from these plants.

Wait there are more bunny tails on the deck!
They belong to the newest members of the hobby farm.
Meet Peas and Carrots!
That is their names for now, although they may change. They are still quite scared to be in there new home. Carrots the smaller one is a little less shy.


DENNIS said...

Hope they are a girl and girl or boy and boy or OH! BOY!

Greg said...


Lady Bug said...

They are both boys. Today I was awaken to find a bunny on my tummy. Thorny Guy thought it was funny and brought Peas to get me out of bed. I realized then their little nails were daggers so I clipped them today. That went fairly well.

Thorny Guy said...

So far they will eat pellets, peas, clover, hay, and cherries. They are already making lots of fertilizer in return!

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