Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New visitors

While we may be lacking in the area of butterflies, we have an abundant number of dragonflies in the garden. They vary in size and color, but the only ones I managed to capture were these tiny blue dragonflies. There were hundreds of them in the "North Garden."

My movement through the garden sends them scurrying around for a new place to land. Giving the effect of swimming in a sea of blue dragonflies. I have to say I lost myself there for a good twenty minutes. It was unfortunately impossible to capture the moment with a camera.

We also have a couple of new visitors to our pond including a pair of ducks and the smallest red-eared slider. Both of which are probably finding our tadpoles to be a tasty meal.

1 comment:

Lady Bug said...

Turns out that what I though were dragonflys are actually Damselfly Go figure.

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