Sunday, June 22, 2008

Issues in the Strawberry Patch

When I planted the berries back in May, I had visions of lush strawberries. So Thorny Guy and I tended to all their needs, we applied an inch of composted manure along the rows and mulched with straw.

Now the patch is in a state of disaster. Something, deer or rabbits, have eaten many of the leaves. The lady we bought them from said that rabbits and birds would eat the berries, but many leaves are now gone while the unripe berries remain. We did manage to harvest a few.

In an attempt to keep the weeds under control I bought straw from the local feed and seed store, not cheap I might add. Well that plan backfired as the expensive straw came with seeds and they have sprouted. To top it off, the straw did little to curb the weeds anyway. So I spend this weekend weeding the strawberry patch.

The plants also decided to send out runners already so I had to pinched those off. My visions of strawberries, might just have to wait till next year.

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