Monday, June 02, 2008

Garden Visitors

Yesterday, while weeding and chores I came across some garden visitors. I hope they extend their visit and keep the mosquitoes at bay. This tiny tree frog was on a hosta by the deck. If you look closely you can see the suction cups on his fingers.

We have seen the next guy frequently on our deck. He must like the view from here. I should get a dish of water and a broken terracotta pot and make a little house for him so he stays. Just don't jump off the deck little toad.

About a week ago we had a toad in our pond singing loudly. Upon investigation we saw ribbons of eggs on the water lily plant. We think the toad was trying to get another toad to fertilize the eggs. Well it must have worked as we now have hundreds of tadpoles in the pond. I guess that is why the mallards ducks were hanging out there the other day.

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