Thursday, June 05, 2008

A bouquet of flowers

I know my mom will wants some of these in the fall... they are gorgeous. This is the very first one to bloom and as you see there are tons of buds. Can you imagine them in full bloom?

In the garden by the barn, there are huge clumps of daisies.

We also have William Guinness columbine growing there. If I would have known this I would not have started any from seed this year.

In the woodland garden I have several types of violets growing. My favorite is this yellow one, bursting with flowers.

These are two different types of Spiderwort. One with pink flowers and one with purple. The leaves also are a different hue of green between the two. The ones with purple flowers is more blue-green.

The lily of the valley are kinda sad this year. Granted they just got transplanted from mom's garden to mine, but I thought these guys were tough. I am learning a lot about lily of the valley including that something likes to eat it. All of my clumps have had leaves chewed and a couple of times the clumps were completely pulled out of the ground. They do smell sweet though.

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Jan said...

Yes, I want the iris - it's gorgeous. I like the spider wort -mine hasn't bloomed yet so I'm not sure what I have. The columbine is awesome - I have a yellow one blooming. I'm amazed the daisies are blooming already. I wonder it they will bloom all summer. What a surprise?

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