Thursday, May 08, 2008

The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden is taking shape. I measured it Wednesday and it came out to be 60' x 75'. I don't think that we will plant veggies in that entire area, but the plan is to fence it all in so that the hungry deer don't eat our hard work. The last three nights I have been tilling with a 1.5' wide rototiller. If you do the math you can figure out that it will take a while to finish! Maybe 1/8 is done? I need to hire a Gnome to help finish the job.

I found a tick on myself last night. We need those chickens to start eating ASAP.

1 comment:

DENNIS said...

Mom and I love this Blog. We check it a couple times a week. I am still looking for Ornamental Pepper but they are a special item and I can always buy seeds but you know I'm terrible with that.

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