Saturday, May 10, 2008


Our first crop arrived... asparagus. In the fall when we bought the place, my folks said we had asparagus growing in the garden by the shed, but in the spring when ornamental grass came up instead we thought they were wrong. It turns out they were right and the asparagus is mixed in with the grass, yarrow, and other unidentified plants in that garden. Yes, it is weedy and I have not gotten to it! I am not sure whether it will be better to move the grass and other plants or asparagus come fall.

As you can see we got a pretty good haul and about the same the next morning. My dad grilled it for us on Sunday and it was yummy. Dad said you have to pick it every two days! That is a lot of asparagus for me as Thorny guy will not eat it.

Did you know that asparagus makes your pee smell funny? Apparently asparagus contains a sulfur compound called mercaptan which when metabolized gives urine a distinctive smell.

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Amanda said...

I am jealous! Asparagus is my favorite vegetable! Also Thorny guy said he like my asparagus when I put balsamic vinegar over it!

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