Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is a follow up to the April 9 post about the unidentified tree. Some people believe it is witch hazel, however the websites make witch hazel sound like smaller shrub instead of a tree. Anyway here are two pictures which give a better feel to how big the tree is. I have no idea how old this tree is as it was here when we purchased the house.

I plan to plant lilies of the valley, dead nettle, and primroses in this bed as long as nothing else comes up. I found out that there is a layer of plastic between the ground and a foot of compost/mulch. It is going to be a chore to remove it all before we plant here.

This weekend I finished edging this garden with rocks to separate it from the gravel road. The road was installed last fall to prevent soil erosion as it sits on a pretty steep hill. The road currently does not continue to the barn, but someday it might.


Lady Bug said...
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Lady Bug said...

Thorny guy identified the tree as a Silver Maple .

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