Friday, April 18, 2008


Our woodpeckers have been frequent visitors to our feeder this winter. They go through a block of suet each week! So far we have seen downy, flicker, ladderback, hairy, and pileated woodpeckers. (Only Thorny guy has seen the pileated) The smallest woodpecker we have is the downy which is the least timid and lets you get close enough to take pictures. You can also stand between the tree and the feeder and they will fly right by you. The chickadees also do this. Hearing their wings beat and flutter is awesome.

On the feeder you can see the metal duct tube that Thorny guy installed to keep the squirrels from climbing up. It has worked to keep them from climbing up the feeder and been a great seed saver. The little squirrels still jump from the branches to the top of the feeder or eat what the birds drop, but at least they are not scaring away as many birds.

During the winter, Thorny guy also encountered a kestral and took a picture just in time before it flew off. It was after a wild rabbit who was eating seed under the feeder. Hopefully this summer we will have a lot of goldfinches visit. I already have the thistle feeder ready for them.

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Thorny Guy said...

Kimmers would have a better chance at seeing the pileated woodpecker if she didn't like to sleep in as much :)

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