Monday, April 28, 2008

Coffee Grounds

It was quite an exciting weekend considering it snowed. I finally saw the pileated woodpecker! Thorny guy was even quick enough to snap a picture. No wonder we are going through suet like crazy- this guy is huge! We also discovered that deer eat rhubarb even though it is poisonous.
The folks visited on Sunday and brought lily of the valley for my shade garden, which I planted while it was snowing. They also dug up two hydrangea which hopefully will have better luck blooming for me.

When we transplanted the hydrangea I added lots of coffee ground that I got from Starbucks Grounds for your garden program. This program recycles spend coffee grounds by giving it away free to gardeners. I would definitely call before you go to pick up a bag! This time they had it sitting on the counter for me wrapped and ready to go. The coffee will also help the soil become more acidic and turn the hydrangea flowers blue. That is the theory anyway.

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