Thursday, April 24, 2008

Everything is starting to bud because of all the rain. Here are some lilacs by the house. They appear to be purple. I can not wait until everything blossoms, maybe then we can start to identify more mystery trees and shrubs.

About a week ago, Thorny guy and I went to TSC for chick days in hopes of buying 6 chicks. Well not only did they only have meat chickens they only had three left! I was very disappointed.

In order to get the ones I want you have to order 25 chicks! So I went away convinced that this year we would not be getting any least until today.

We stopped at a local feed shop in Rosemount to see if they carried chickens. They did not have any, but you could special order them with a minimum of 25 chicks just like at TSC.

So I did. In two weeks we will have 25 chickens, 10 Barred Rock, 5 Buff Orpington, 5 Silver Laced Wyandotte, and 5 Black Australorp. Why you might ask...well they were a lot cheaper than TSC and hopefully when they are bigger we can sell some. Anyone want to buy a chick?

In other news, we bought some barrels off CL for storing all that chicken feed!

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Barbee' said...

Well, I'm falling asleep here, and it is not the fault of your blog. It is bedtime. I really enjoyed reading everything all the way down to here. Especially enjoyed reading about the chickens and the building of the nice coop. Have to turn in now. Thanks for the read!

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