Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The bulbs that we forced inside are doing well. We already have had the irises bloom and the tulips are growing fast. These are the bulbs that Chris had to save from Menards in the fall of last year. I do like the variegated tulips, unfortunately the label washed off and I need to dig in my records for what they actually are called.

Speaking of identifying plants, we have an unidentified tree which is starting to bloom. It had clusters of red buds which recently have turned into white cluster as seen in the picture. I though it was going to flower but no petals appeared. Anyone have an idea?

In the picture you can also see the pond which we have recently drained. The water lilies there were quite over grown and needed to be split. We are hoping to redesign it a bit and clean up the rocks on the edges.

My dad found a site with a bird cam check it out! I think I saw a Kestrel around our place the other day. Other than that just nurturing all our seedlings. Our house has been converted to a green house. Grow little guys.


ginger said...

Love the witch hazel. Somehow this blog does not allow me to put in my URL or name so I am Ginger! Layanee at Ledge and Gardens. Oh, and the seedlings do tend to take over the house this time of year don't they!tucker

Kimmers said...

Do witch hazels get 40 ft? This is a huge tree with the base of the trunk about 2 feet. Sorry it is hard to see that from the picture. Thanks for visiting, I really like your blog :) Sorry about the admin stuff.

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